2015 Tax Information: Individual Property Taxes are $480.62


4/2/2016 Announcement:  After 17 years of dedicated service, Janie Bushkar, our Managing Agent, has submitted her resignation to the Board of Directors. Her last day will be June 30. She and Gene have gone above and beyond in this position. The Board reluctantly accepted the resignation but understands her desire to fully enjoy retirement. Our desire is to fill the position with another resident of the community. Anyone interested should contact a board member or Earl Bunting, President, to discuss the application and interview process.


4/23/2016 Announcement: Current Rules for Storage Buildings 

Accessory Structures/ Storage Buildings

There shall be no more than one (1) accessory structure/storage building permitted to each lot. The maximum size is 360 square feet. Shelters/Lean-tos are not-to-exceed 250 sq. ft. Shelters/Lean-tos cannot be closed in by any method/materials at any time in the future. Any Accessory Building or lean-to must also meet the County setbacks.

 Other requirements:

(a) Must be attached to concrete or tied down to prevent uplift.
(b) Minimum eight (8) foot sidewalls.
(c) 20-year shingles; maximum 5 on 12-roof pitch.
(d) Floor: 8-inch minimum above grade
(e) Floor joist and decking should be pressure treated rated ground contact
(f) Siding and roof to match mobile home.
(g) Shall be setback 5′-0″ from rear property line and 5′ from side property line
(h) Must be permitted and meet all state and local codes.

 If the storage building is attached or flashed to the dwelling, the setbacks will be 10′ from the side property lines and 15′ from the rear. Accessory structures must be no taller or wider than the mobile home. Accessory structures can have (1) 6′ wide rollup door for golf carts and lawn mowers.  Accessory structures or a lean-to cannot be used to park boats under or become a garage. Accessory structures attached to Mobile home must meet all other conditions stated above.


Welcome to Goose Creek Landing, a luxury waterfront mobile home community located on beautiful Bogue Sound in North Carolina. Some amenities afforded by Goose Creek Landing (GCL) include a pool, boat ramp, well maintained common area right on the waterfront, pier, and amazing panoramic views of Bogue Sound.

GCL is a great place to relax while watching pelicans, herons, and the other wildlife that are so abundant in our area. Far away enough from everything to feel like you’re on vacation, but close enough to grocery stores and necessities to make shopping and other errands convenient. Goose Creek Landing is also only 15 minutes away from some of the best beaches on the east located on Bogue Banks.

There are full time permanent residents as well as folks that only make it down to Goose Creek Landing on vacations and weekends. Everyone gets along much like a large family. There’s a lot of fun to be had at GCL.

Join the GCL Group on Facebook! – Goose Creek Landing now has a Homeowners group on Facebook. This will be an easy way for people to connect and get information to one another. If you’re not familiar with Facebook it’s really easy to setup and join the group.