**2022 Tax Information:


As you know your portion of the Carteret County Property Tax for Goose Creek Landing is paid through your HOA Dues. The portion of the Property Tax that you can claim on your 2022 Taxes is $510.74

If you need a statement for tax purposes, please text GCL Manager @ 252-364-9143 or email


The Board of Directors would like to announce that Mary Bryan Carlyle has been selected as the new GCL Manager.  Mary Bryan will begin her duties as the new GCL Manager on Saturday September 24, 2022.

In addition, we will be implementing some changes to some of our procedures to become more efficient managing GCL. For example, we will be moving the office location to the pool house and we will be setting official office hours. Also, we will be improving the gate cards, golf cart stickers, construction approval and other processes and procedures.

We appreciate your cooperation and support through this transition.

Congratulations to Mary Bryan and wishing her all the best. 

Thanks to you all!

Boat Trailer Parking

We are asking all boaters, to please be courteous to other homeowners and not park your vehicle and boat trailer in the pathway blocking the golf cart entrances. Please park in a space that will be long enough not to block others with golf carts and vehicles from getting to the pool, playground and waterfront. Also please let your family or guest parking at waterfront to please not block paths.

Thanks for your cooperation in the matter.



Please submit your contact information to if you have not already done so.   We are in the process of creating an email list to better inform homeowners through email.


Welcome to Goose Creek Landing, a luxury waterfront mobile home community located on beautiful Bogue Sound in North Carolina. Some amenities afforded by Goose Creek Landing (GCL) include a pool, boat ramps, well maintained common area right on the waterfront, pier, and amazing panoramic views of Bogue Sound.

GCL is a great place to relax while watching pelicans, herons, and the other wildlife that are so abundant in our area. Far away enough from everything to feel like you’re on vacation, but close enough to grocery stores and necessities to make shopping and other errands convenient. Goose Creek Landing is also only 15 minutes away from some of the best beaches on the east located on Bogue Banks.

There are full time permanent residents as well as folks that only make it down to Goose Creek Landing on vacations and weekends. Everyone gets along much like a large family. There’s a lot of fun to be had at GCL.

Join the GCL Group on Facebook! – Goose Creek Landing now has a Homeowners group on Facebook. This will be an easy way for people to connect and get information to one another. If you’re not familiar with Facebook it’s really easy to setup and join the group.