Meeting Minutes – BOD -June 24, 2023

June 24, 2023

The meeting was called to order by President Louis Clark. Members present were:
Earl Bunting, Robert Shumate, Hugh Kennedy, Mary Rhodes, Diana Tyndall, Mike Trulove by
phone, Mary Bryan Carlyle, Park Manager.

An issue with the boat ramp used by Goose Creek Marine was brought to the board’s attention.
It was decided to talk to Ricky about the situation.

The MC for the banquet will be Darin.

It was decided that Mary Bryan would get an estimate of paving all our roads.

There was discussion about residences that are sold to have an “intake fee†of $200 for the new
buyer to be paid to the Association. The homeowner would be required to meet with the Park
Manager to obtain gate keys, mailbox keys, stickers, Rules and Regulations and JTA. Mike
Truelove made a motion to accept the creation of the “Intake Fee†as stated. Mary Rhodes
seconded it and all were in favor.

Mary Bryan said there would be a Gate Key audit sent to homeowners with a Sept. 8 deadline.
There is a small hole in the bottom of the pool. The pool man is looking into it and also a loose

It was reported that kids were jumping off the end of the pier. They were told it was dangerous
to do that and warned not to do it anymore. It was said to check the cameras and send home a
letter. If done again they will be fined.

Homeowner Karen Nelson was sent a letter about cleaning up her lot in an adequate amount of
The meeting was adjourned by President Louis Clark.

Diana Tyndall

Teleconference GCL BOD 7-12-17