March 29, 2014 BOD

Goose Creek Landing Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

March 29, 2014

A closed meeting of the Board of Directors of the Goose Creek Landing Home Owners Association was held on March 29, 2014 Goose Creek Resort meeting room. All board members were present. The meeting was called to order by Bill Keel at 11:00 am.

The minutes of the March 15, 2014 budget meeting were read and approved with no changes being needed. The minutes will be posted on the website and bulletin board.


Pool/Playground Lighting

This meeting was called by Bill Keel mainly to discuss the previous vote regarding the pool/playground lighting and to consider the input from the homeowners that was gathered primarily via Facebook.

On Friday, March 28 James Godfrey, Terry, Jimmy B. and I meet with Jimmy Benson at the pool at 9:30 pm. I summarized the previously approved lighting plan as it was further explained by Mr. Benson. Mr. Benson said that if the light is too bright blinders can be added that will cut down on the spread of the light. In my opinion 500 watt fixtures that will require blinders is overkill and unnecessary to meet the lighting need. Terry has already installed a 100 watt motion sensor light under the soffit of the pool house. While the light was sufficient, the motion detector did not pick up motion near the fence at the far side of the pool. Mr. Benson indicated that he could get a motion detector that would reach t that area. Reuse of the old light that was previously on the roof was considered but because of it’s size and the lack of a place to mount it, reusing it was ruled out.

The consensus of the board was that sufficient lighting for the cameras is important but we do not want more lighting or expense than is necessary. James Godfrey made a motion that we amend the previous motion regarding lighting to state that the plan is to install a motion light in conjunction with each camera and to replace the stock motion sensors with ones with a longer range. If lighting is not sufficient, additional lighting will be added to achieve optimum lighting. Jimmy B. seconded the motion and all members of the board voted in favor.

Regarding lighting for the playground area the board reviewed several street lights that can be installed and maintained by Carteret Crave Electric. The most appropriate choice has an initial cost of $ $454.59 plus monthly service. This fixture will be under contract. The light proposed has a photocell and will look like the others throughout the park but will be erected at a height of 20 ft rather than the standard 25 ft. I made a motion that the board approve a plan to have a “Contempo Decorative” fixture installed by Carteret Craven in the location recommended by the CC engineer. James G. seconded the motion. Van, Hugh, and Jimmy B. voted in favor of the motion. Terry voted Nay.


In June 2013 this board approved a drawing of the roof replacement n the pool house. The drawing included a cupola but since the cupola and a weathervane had not been specifically approved, it’s installation was stopped pending further discussion. Terry explained to all of the board members exactly what a cupola is and the plan for installing it with up lighting. I made a motion that the cupola be built and positioned on the roof for board members to see before it is permanently mounted. Terry seconded the motion and all board members voted in favor.

Painting Pool House

Van reported that he had discussed painting the pool house with Keith Davis, professional painter and Goose Creek homeowners. He was concerned by the comments of Mr. Davis and wanted the entire board to hear what he had to say. Van called Mr. Davis and the board was able to have a Q & A with him via speaker phone. Mr. Davis stated that the split face block building can be painted but because the block is porous and wicks water from the ground, the elastomeric Sherwin Williams product that is planned to be used will not last and will result in a constant maintenance issue. Mr. Davis stated that the SW representative in his area has told him that due to wind forced water the SW product can peel off in 3-4 ft sheets regardless of waterproofing. He states that the SW Loxon primer followed the elastomeric topcoat is designed to protect from water forced at 140 mph but due to the texture of the block, backrolling, which is required to work the product into the block, is near impossible and even a small amount of water can result in it’s failure. It is Mr. Davis’s opinion that since the building is on a foundation rather than a slab, it would impossible to seal it properly. It is Mr. Davis’s opinion that we would have problems within the first year and that the product would last no more than 2-3 years. Due to the inability to backroll there would be issues with the SW warranty. Mr. Davis said he would not want to be involved in painting it b/c of the ongoing issues and he would not want his name on it. He states that any areas that peel would require sandblasting. He suggested we consider applying stucco over the block or adding color to it by applying H & C Stain.

After considering the input of Mr. Davis, all board members agreed to table the issue of painting the pool house and to do more research before moving forward. Van Parrish and I agreed to go to Sherwin Williams to look into the stain and talk with the store manager. It was agreed that I would make a Facebook post about these developments.


Once again the plan for the mailboxes was discussed. Jimmy B. brought up the idea of covering all of the mailboxes with one shelter. There was some discussion but the consensus was that such a structure right at the entrance would be too obstructive. It was decided to proceed with plan that had previously been approved.


Letter from attorney regarding voting

The board reviewed a letter received from Attorney Neil Whitford dated May 28, 2013. The letter addresses the voting rights and procedures for the homeowners of Goose Creek Landing. The members vote only on matters reserved to them in one of the five sources of law applicable to Goose Creek. These sources re described in the letter. The matters on which the members may vote and the sources that give that authority are documented in the letter. A membership vote at the annual homeowners meeting is considered advisory only and is not binding on the board. The importance of getting input from homeowners during the annual meeting was discussed. Each member contributed to the discussion regarding issue that may need to go to the membership for a vote. There is concern that a group of members could potentially show up in force and vote to change issues that are in the interest of the group but not necessarily in the best interest of the entire community. All members of the board welcome input from homeowners but in most cases the final decision falls to the board.

Vandalism/property damage

There was some discussion regarding the fact there is no written rule regarding fines and payment for vandalism or damages done by a homeowner or someone for whom a homeowner is responsible. I made a motion for the following rules be put in place and the motion was seconded by Hugh. All board members voted in favor.

New Rule #1 – No warnings will be given and anyone found responsible for vandalism or damages to property of Goose Creek Landing will be assessed a fine in the amount of $100 per person plus the cost of all repairs.

New Rule # 2 – Anyone who enters inside of the fenced pool area after the pool is closed will be fined $100.

Fish Cleaning Station

Fishermen have complained about the faucet being removed. Terry reports that he is aware of the problem and will put the faucet back as soon as possible. A leaking pipe also needs repair.

The valve needs to be turned off in the winter and the nozzle removed. This is a duty of the managing agent.

Walkway between ramps

Replacing the walkway with a floating dock would not be practical because of the amount of useable ramp space that would be overtaken by the floatation devices of the dock. Building a bulkhead similar to the seawall seems to be the most practical solution.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00.

Respectfully submitted,

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Mary Ann Everett Date of Approval