Annual GCL Homeowners Meeting -06/02/2023

June 2, 2023
Annual GCL Homeowners Mtg.
The meeting was called to order by Pres. Louis Clark.
Members present were:
Earl Bunting
Mike Truelove
Robert Shumate
Hugh Kennedy
Mary Rhodes
Diana Tyndall
Mary Bryan Carlyle (Managing Agent)(MA)
Ken Banks CPA for GCL HOA

Louis asked for any new residents to introduce themselves.
The Board members were asked to introduce themselves.
Ken Banks shared the budget and expenditures and entertained questions concerning the
Water usage seemed to be the main concern. Homeowners were urged to be aware of water
With the election to replace those coming off the board, candidates were asked to speak.
Mary Bryan gave an update on the speed limit, water usage, underage drivers on golf carts and
picking up after your pets.
Mike Truelove, the liaison on the Enhancement com. for the HOA thanked Joni Johnson and her
com. for the great work at the front entrance.
New Business
Louis informed the Homeowners of the placement of the security camera’s:
License plate reader at the gate
Louis thanked Homeowner Carolyn Bunting
For recording the mtg. on FB “live”.
Homeowners were informed that the JTA is in the process of being updated. The JTA, By-Laws
and the Rules and Regulations should be given to all Homeowners.
Guest Passe’s for the boat ramp
Homeowners are allowed 1 guest pass per month: more than 1 is $50.
Homeowners were reminded of the moratorium on diesel fuel tanks.
Louis announced the election results:
Hugh Kennedy- 114
Earl Bunting- 112
Mike Truelove- 99
Diana Tyndall- 92
Cindy Faw- 57
Hugh Kennedy, Earl Bunting, Mike Truelove and Diana Tyndall will be on the board for the
2023-2025 term.
The meeting was adjourned.

Diana Tyndall