May 21, 2022 Enhancement Meeting

Attendance: Shelia Dunn, Tony Dunn, Phyllis Pennington, Nancy Marlette, Louis Clark, Susan Clark, Michael Truelove, Mary Bryan Carlyle, Tracy McKee, Teresa Dubil

Meeting to order by Teresa (chair)

Talked about Fundraising Ideas

  • Teresa suggested Paddle Board/ Kayak rental. Louis will talk with the board about liability and if anything needs to be done. Motion was made by Shelia Dunn and seconded by Phyllis Pennington with no opposition.
  • Mary has kayak’s to use, and will purchase paddle boards.
  • Tracy will make a flier for advertisement.
  • $ will be collected and turned into Nancy
  • Shelia suggested groups making “baskets” for a silent bid auction, ex. Beach wagon with related items such as beach towels, etc.

Talked about $50.00 donations for the reverse raffle drawing.

Cleats are hoping to be installed by Memorial Day Weekend by Chopper and Tony.

Discussed the “big item” to purchase to be raffled off. Any suggestions appreciated! 

Meeting closed by Teresa Dubil

Addendum – May 25, 2022

The Paddle Board/Kayak Rental Project was not approved by the Board due to increased insurance requirements.