June 7, 2014 Annual HOA

Goose Creek Landing Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting

June 7, 2014

The annual meeting of the Goose Creek Landing Home Owners Association was held on June 7, 2014 in the cafeteria of White Oak Elementary School.  All board members were present.  A quorum was established with 76 homeowners present and thirty two homeowners were represented by verified proxies.  The meeting was called to order by Bill Keel at 9:00 am.

Copies of the Goose Creek Directory were available to the homeowners and the homeowners were asked to provide any updates to Janie Bushkar.  New homeowners were asked to introduce themselves.  All board members also introduced themselves.

Budget and Financial Report

Ken Banks CPA of Banks, Gray & Crumpler, PLLC reviewed the HOA financial statements and budget.  Property taxes remain the largest expenditure for the association.  Based on the current financial position of the HOA, barring any unforeseen large expenditures, he does not anticipate that dues will need to be increased for the next several years.   In regards to the tax value of the GCL property, James Godfrey reported that the new valuation should be significantly lower, but the rate will be set at a level sufficient to generate the revenue needed by the county.  Therefore, our new tax may be lower, the same, or it could be higher.  If there is a basis for a new appeal he will be happy to help if the board so desires.


Report from Managing Agent


Janie Bushkar reminded everyone for the need to keep their property up to the community standard.  She explained the process t resolve issues with homeowners who are not in compliance.


The Goose Creek HOA has received a letter from Carteret County Department of Planning regarding failure of homeowners to obtain building permits as required by the county.  ALL work requires a zoning permit and in most cases a building permit as well.  Any plans for structural improvements must be submitted in writing to the managing agent.  After the plan is approved by the board the managing agent will instruct the homeowners on the process for obtaining the proper permits.  If the HOA receives a fine for construction without a permit, the homeowner in violation will be responsible for paying the fine. 


The rule regarding entrance into the pool area after the pool is closed was explained to the homeowners.  There will no warnings given and the fine is $100/per person.


A handout was provided which covered some of the most problematic rules.  Everyone was reminded that each homeowner is responsible for any violations by their guest. 


Election of Board Members

Bill Keel opened the floor for nominations.  None were made.  All of the candidates who were on the ballot were asked to introduce themselves and speak briefly about their candidacy.  Those of the ballot were Regina Parnell, Don Mitchell, Louis Clark, John Lee, Jimmy Broughton and Earl Bunting.  After the candidates spoke the homeowners cast their ballots and they were submitted to Ms. Bushkar.  She and several assistants adjourned to another room to tally the votes.


Painting of the Pool house


I made a presentation of painting f the pool house.  I reviewed the vote from 2011 and the enhancements that have been done since which have spurred the discussion about painting the pool house and the desire by homeowners to revisit this issue.  The enhancements planned in 2013 included painting of the pool house.  Before the painting was done, a homeowner, Keith Davis, who is a commercial painter, expressed great concern about painting the block building and implored the board to not proceed.  After getting the input of the homeowner, the issue was tabled until further research could be done.  The Sherwin Williams regional manager came to GCL and meet with several board members.  He took moisture reading and stated that as long as the building is painted when the moisture content is below 15%, he saw no problem with painting the building with either of two Sherwin Williams products.  Terry Andrews, James Godfrey and I have also talked to at least a dozen other painting or masonry professionals regarding painting the building.  None of them expressed undo concern about painting the building or the durability of the product in this application.  One painting contractor was willing to give a 5 year warranty.  I presented a picture taken at Walmart in Morehead City which shows the elastomeric product peeling off in a spot about the size of your hand.  Of all the painted block buildings I looked at from Morehead to Kinston, this was the only peeling I found.  I also provided recent pictures taken at Oak Bluff which is waterfront at Brandywine Bay.  The building was painted in 2001 and only the trim has been recently repainted.  I provided quotes for painting the building from reputable contractors who have used the product extensively.  Prices range from $2000.00 to $4575.00 for a first application.  Input from all contractors, except one, is that the chance for failure is very small.  Walmart uses this product on every store throughout the country.  If it did not serve them well, they would not be doing so.


Steve Hamilton asked if other options had been considered.  It was explained that some thought had been given to using a stain but given the variation in the block, color consistency would be an issue.  We have had some discussion about covering it with hardiboard or vinyl siding but due to the irregularity of the block and the fact that the windows are flush.  This would be a very costly option. 


Charlie Griffin and John Lee expressed concern about the surface being prepped properly before painting is done.  The SW rep has given detailed instructions for the prep and the pressure washing has already been done. 


Keith Davis expressed his concern about a persistent moisture issue.  He reported that he has checked the moisture reading three times and it was never lower than 23%.


Lynn Everett stated that if there is a moisture problem, it should be resolved whether the building is painted or not and can be easily resolved by installing a French drain.  Earl Bunting agreed that any water problem needs to be investigated and addressed.


Ron Gordon remarked about his recent visit to the Gulf Coast where he noticed that most all of the waterfront buildings were painted and were holding up very well. 


John Tew questioned the vote of 2011 and Bill Keel explained the vote that was taken at the HOA meeting in 2013. 


No action was taken on this issue.  It will be discussed by the new board. 




Homeowner Addresses HOA

Homeowner, Robbie Ashton, spoke to those assembled regarding a notice he received recently regarding a board decision that he needs to move his storage building to abide but the setbacks required in GCL.  He contends that the building remains in 75% of the original footprint.  After he spoke, Mr. Keel informed him that he can call a meeting with the board to appeal the decision. 


General concerns of homeowners

James Taylor pointed out that the cement under the picnic shelter is in poor repair and needs to be addressed.


Don Gray questioned the progress of repairs on the mailboxes.  Mr. Keel informed him that a plan is set and work should begin soon.


Jerry Moore reported a need for tree maintenance and trimming.  This will be done in the next few weeks.


Charlie Griffin stated that he would like to see new skirting at the walkway between the boat ramps.  He was informed that this has been on the agenda of the board and options are being explored. 


Election Results

Louis Clark – 102 votes

Earl Bunting – 97 votes

Don Mitchell – 93 votes

Jimmy Broughton – 82 votes

John Lee – 80 Votes

Regina Parnell – 77 votes


The meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



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            Mary Ann Everett                                                             Date of Approval