January 11, 2021 — BOD Meeting Minutes

Goose Creek Landing Homeowners Association
Minutes of Board of Directors Action
January 11, 2021

The Rules and Regulations dated January 2020 state that the maximum size for a storage building is 360 sf and the building may have a maximum of 250 sf of shelter. At the board meeting held on 10/31/2020, the board voted to reduce the maximum size of storage buildings to 200 sf with a maximum of 160 sf of shelter on the building.

Taking the input of homeowners into consideration, this issue came back before the board for further consideration. After discussion via email, Don Mitchell made a motion to amend the rule to allow the total covered area, including building and shelter, not to exceed 360 sq ft. The homeowner may use the square footage as they wish. Earl Bunting seconded the motion. The motion passed with Don Mitchell, Don Gray, Earl and Woody Woodard voting in favor. Mary Ann Everett and Hugh Kennedy voted against the motion.

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Mary Ann Everett – Secretary Date of Approval