June 4, 2022 Saturday – GCL Homeowners Annual Mtg.

The annual Homeowners Mtg. was called to order by the Pres. Louis Clark. Members present
Earl Bunting
Mike Truelove
Hugh Kennedy
Don Gray
Diana Tyndall

Louis reported on Mgr. Phyllis Pennington and her surgery and asked that we keep her in our
The candidates running for the seats on the Board spoke:
Mary Rhodes
Louis Clark
Robert Shumate
Harry Carpenter was not present.

As there were no nominations from the floor or no write in candidates, Earl made a motion that
the nominations be closed and it was seconded.

In Phyllis’s absence Louis reported to be sure all golf cart insurance was up to date and
homeowners had new stickers on their golf carts. This years are white with your lot # in red.

Mary Brian reported we no longer pay for trash pick-up by the # of cans or weight, it is a flat

Cindy Long informed all to be sure they have an updated email turned into Phyllis. Cindy let all
know she will be sending out a “test” e-mail by July 1.

Louis recognized the new homeowners present at the mtg. Of the 250 homeowners, 38 were
represented at the mtg.

Mike Truelove reported from the Enhancement Com. they have $14,300 in the bank. It was
noted they paid for the replacement of the boardwalk by the boat ramp, did the pots and
plants at the entrance, and enclosed the porta john. He announced the Enhancement Banquet
will be catered again this year and will be held the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. There will
also be a Pin Fish Tournament for kids 0-12, and corn hole tournaments for adults and kids this

Hugh Kennedy reminded homeowners that the rule for dogs on a leash also applies for cats and
owners will be fined if your animal is not in compliance.

There many concerns from homeowners about golf carts entering the park without GCL
stickers, no cart insurance at all and coming in thru homeowners yards from others
subdivisions. Louis said he is hoping to set up a mtg. with the HOA from the subdivision about
the golf carts coming in thru our residents yards. It was also said we need to identify the
perpetrators. Louis encouraged the homeowners to call the Sheriff’s office to report any
vandalism. Golf carts with no insurance stickers can’t be in here. We as homeowners need to
police people on carts with no stickers.

Janie Bushkar noted cars need to slow down and stop for stop signs and we need to police this
matter also as homeowners.
The picnic tables at the shelter are in need of repair.it is being looked into to replace them.

The election results are:
Mary Rhodes – 78
Robert Shumate – 90
Harry Carpenter – 50
Louis Clark – 85

The meeting was adjourned.
Diana Tyndall