June 6, 2015 Annual HOA Meeting

Goose Creek Landing Homeowners Association
Annual Home Owners Meeting
June 6, 2015

The Annual meeting of the Goose Creek Landing Home Owners Association was held on June 6, 2015 in the cafeteria of White Oak Elementary School.   All board members were present.   Approximately homeowners were in attendance.   The meeting was called to order by President, Earl Bunting at 9:00 am.

Earl opened the meeting by welcoming all new home owners and asking them to introduce themselves.

The first order of business was to select the Board of Directors. Earl opened the floor and asked that nominations be made by a show of hands.  No nominations were made and Earl asked for a motion to close the nominations.  That motion was made by Louis Clark and seconded by Don Mitchell.  Each candidate was given 2 minutes to speak to the attendees.  Those who spoke were James Godfrey, Hugh Kennedy, Mary Ann Everett, Mike Beach, Terry Andrews, and James Taylor.  After each candidate spoke those who had not voted were given a few minutes to do so before the voting was declared closed and the counting began.

Ken Banks, CPA provided a handout of the Budget, Financial Position, and Revenue and Expenditures.  He reviewed each of these financial statements.  The document is available with the original of the minutes.  Mr. Banks encourages residents to be conservative so that we can avoid an increase in dues for as long as possible.  He answered questions from homeowners and provided his email address so that homeowners can easily contact him during the year if they would like.  His email address is [email protected]

Janie Bushkar, managing agent, spoke the attendees.  She commended everyone one keeping their homes looking nice and taking an interest in our community. She thanked the people who send her notes and comments that let her know that she and Gene are appreciated.    She reminded everyone of our rules that continue to be broken on a regular basis.

1)       Speeding ‘ speed limit throughout the community is 15 mph
2)      Failure to stop at stop signs.  All vehicles, including golf carts, must stop at stop signs
3)      Unlicensed drivers driving golf carts.  Sometimes an adult is even with them.
4)      Stickers should be on the left side of your boat windshield, trailer and golf cart.
5)      Trash should be bagged and the cans should be kept clean.
6)      Cans are for household garbage only. Debris, lawn chairs and furniture should be taken to disposal site.
7)      Meter bases should have your Lot # on it.
8)      Inform Janie if your primary contact phone # has changed.
9)      Do not let your dog run loose.  If it is off your lot it must be on a leash.
10)  Clean up behind your dog.  The chain link fence is not the latrine.  Do not take your dog there to do the bathroom and not clean up behind it.
11)  Do not cut across anyone™s yard on your golf cart.
12)  You must pay $30 to reserve the picnic shelter.  It is not considered reserved until the deposit is paid.  The deposit is returned after the event.
13)   Be considerate.  Turn the music on the golf cart so that it does not vibrate inside someone™s home.
14)  When leaving the pool at the end of the day put the umbrellas down.
15)  Homeowners are responsible for the actions of their guest.

Review of past year’s projects
Concrete under the picnic shelter was demolished and re-poured.  This was made necessary because the concrete had deteriorated to the point of being a hazard and the repair had been mandated by the HOA general liability insurance carrier.  Prices were obtained from several

Aluminum ladders were placed at the seawall into the jet ski area, at the pier on the left into the jet ski area and on the end of the pier for loading and unloading your boat.

The pool deck has been resurfaced with Cool Coat.  The inside of the pool was blasted.  Missing tiles were replaced.  The tile was re-grouted and the numbers repainted.  The pool house has been painted.  White shutters have been added over the vents.  Earl informed everyone on the measures that were taken to address any moisture problem that may have existed prior to the pool house being painted.  Gutters have been added to the building.  It has been sealed at the base and the block were sealed on the inside and on the outside.  For over a month Earl has been checking the moisture reading with different meters several times a week. To paint the building it could not have moisture more than 16%.   Whether tested in the joint or on the block the most he ever got was 12%.  The reading was usually 9-10%.

Mary Ann explained the process that was undertaken to put together a bid package to get competitive pricing.  Prices were obtained from three different contractors.  The job was awarded to Onslow Grading & Paving and is in process now.

The postal service has informed us that our boxes are insufficient and must be replaced.  We found the cost of replacement boxes to be $22,000.  Upon further investigation, it was determined that the boxes actually belong to the postal service and it is up to them to replace them then began the arduous process of ordering and obtaining the boxes. We will install the boxes under the supervision of the postal supervisor. The boxes will be front opening.  They will be grouped closer together and a shelter will be built to cover them.  Some of the materials have been ordered.  We are ready. 


Enhancement Committee

Terry Andrews presented a plan to eliminate the post and rope dividers that are found at the waterfront.  The proposal is for an 18-21 stone wall in essentially the same areas where we have the post and rope now with the openings in the same place. May add some columns and curbs and increase the vehicle parking at the pool.  The work can all be done by volunteer forces and can be completed for the cost of less than one enhancement banquet. At this time this is the only project planned for the waterfront.  There was some discussion about the use of volunteers and the desire to have some of the younger members of the community offer to help when there is a project to be completed.    

Zoning and Set Backs

As a result of homeowners not obtaining permits and following the ordinances of Carteret County and the hefty fines that have been assessed, Earl and Janie have been involved in lengthy discussions with the planning and zoning director about our zoning and setbacks.  We are zoned as “non-conforming” which means anything that is destroyed can be rebuilt in it’s original footprint but any new construction must be within the flowing setbacks.  On the side ‘ 10™, On the front – 40™ from the center of the right of way (road) to the foremost structure built on the lot. On the back ‘ 5™.  If you add onto the home, even if it just touches the mobile home, it must be 15™ off the back line.  This applies to what we call the singlewide lots.  Other lots will need to clarify the specifics of the setbacks with the county. The required permits from zoning, build environmental departments must be presented to the managing agent before construction begins. Construction must be completed as approved by the inspectors.  

Enhancement Banquet

The banquet will be held on Labor Day weekend.  We need to continue to spend some of the money to avoid paying taxes on it.  The banquet cleared over $16,000 last year.  The committee is considering extending the waterfront boardwalk and expanding the sun bathing area.  LED lighting has been added underneath the picnic shelter.  Plans are to add some under the gazebo.   


A homeowner brought up her concern about the difficulty of accessing Hwy 24 from Red Barn Rd.  She questioned the possibility of petitioning to have a red light installed.  Earl explained that the management of the campground had done that in the past a traffic study had been done.  He had been informed that the installation of traffic lights is not based on the amount of traffic but rather the number of accidents that occur over a given period of time.  Earl said he would speak with the county manager and we can also take with the campground again.

A homeowner brought up his concern about the ongoing drainage problem.  He would like to see it addressed as a Goose Creek problem.  Earl reported the he has had a well respected engineer assess the situation.  The engineer said there is nowhere to drain our run off.  We would have to build a retention pond but we have no idea where our water lines are.  They would not know where to begin digging. 

Our next meeting will be held on March 21, 2015 @ 9 am. 

The meeting adjourned at 12:40 am. 

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