July 3, 2014 BOD Meeting

Goose Creek Landing Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

July 3, 2014

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Goose Creek Landing Home Owners Association was held on July 3, 2014 at the picnic shelter at Goose Creek Landing. The primary purpose of the meeting was to address the issue of the placement of the out building on the lot of homeowner, Robbie Ashton. All board members were present.   The meeting was called to order by President, Earl Bunting at 9:00 am.


In follow-up of the comments that Mr. Aston made at the homeowners meeting on June 7, 2014, Mr. Ashton told the board members that the drawing that was submitted and approved drawn by  someone at Jerry’s RV.  This drawing indicated that the building was within the required setbacks.  Mr. Ashton stated that he did not see this drawing either before or after it was submitted.  He was unaware of the placement of the building on the diagram.  He stated that the building had been re-oriented for 5 months before anyone brought it to his attention that it was not in compliance.  He did not provide the board with the pictures that he had with him at the June 7 meeting. 

Mr. Ashton said he had no issue with moving the swing or the plant bed but would prefer to not move the building. 


After the board discussed the issue Don Mitchell made a motion that Mr. Ashton be allowed to leave the building as it is and move the swing and plant bed.  Louis Clark seconded the motion.  Hugh Kennedy, Van Parrish and I voted against the motion.


Van Parrish made a motion that Mr. Ashton be allowed to leave the building in place but remove the overhang that was added, the swing and the shrubs.  There was no second to the motion.  The motion died.  It was later determined that the overhand was on the original building and had not been added. 


Hugh Kennedy made a motion that Mr. Ashton move the building within the 5 and 7ft setbacks, remove the swing from the property line and move the shrubs to a 2 ft setback.  I seconded the motion.  Louis Clark voted in favor.  Don Mitchell and Van voted against.  The motion passed. 


Terry Andrews was allowed to participate in the discussion of the issue but due to a conflict of interest was asked to recuse himself from the vote.


Following the meeting the board members met with Mr. Ashton at his home.  It was determined that it would not be possible for him to move the building the full 7 ft off the line without totally disrupting the work he has done.  All present agreed that he would move it over as far as possible and that would be close to 7 ft.










There was a brief discussion regarding the upcoming enhancement banquet.  Terry Andrews will head up ticket sales.  Phyllis Pennington will be responsible for the paper products, side items and serving of food.  James Taylor will take care of cooking the pigs.  Tickets will be $60 and there will be guest tickets.  Louis Clark will serve as chairman of the Enhancement Committee.  Terry Andrews, Linda Sanders and Lori Mitchell will also serve on this committee.

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Mary Ann Everett                                                                  Date of Approval