11-16-21 GCL BOD Meeting Minutes

Tuesday November 16,2021 Conference Call GCL Board Mtg.

The mtg. was called to order by President Louis Clark. 

Members present were:

Don Gray Don Mitchell Hugh Kennedy Mike Truelove Diana Tyndall Phyliss Pennington-Park Mgr.

Earl Bunting was unable to get phone reception

The Enhancement Com. met and they reported $36,000 in their acct. Proposed projects and their costs were shared with the board. The project for  improving the entrance to the park was a total of $7000. A motion was made and seconded with no one opposing to approve the project.

Mike Truelove also shared the committees proposal of $9000 for replacing the boardwalk at the boat ramp,(this would be only the area beside the boat ramp). It was noted it would be done in salt treated wood. The board was in agreement to present to the committee to use TREK (only if it was cost effective). 

Another project presented was a kayak launch with a $2000 estimate and possibly a second one if all goes well with the first one. A motion was made and seconded with no one opposed to accept the proposal.

At this time the mtg. was adjourned.