February 1, 2014

Goose Creek Landing Homeowners Association
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
February 1, 2014

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Goose Creek Landing Home Owners Association was held on February 1, 2014 Goose Creek Resort meeting room. With all board members present except Hugh Kennedy. He was absent due to the hospitalization of his son in Raleigh. Five homeowners were in attendance. The meeting was called to order by Billy Keel at 9:00 am.
Financial Report ““ The budget was reviewed thru the 3rd quarter. All overages were reviewed. Considering that the 4th quarter is the least costly period of the year, our year should end well.

Pool House Improvements
The metal roof and the structural changes to the pool house look nice. A cupola with a gold and black goose will soon be added as a final touch. Paint and sealant for the exterior is expected to cost no more than $700. Jimmy reports that he has spoken with the person that does the pool maintenance and was reminded that the painters need to take precautions to avoid any overspray which could get into the pool and possible into the filtering system. Terry described the painting process including the high product and spray gun that will be used. Overspray is minimal with equipment but it was agreed that the pool will be covered with a non-porous tarp or thick plastic.

Park Signage
Terry reports that production of galvanized poles is almost complete. Some of the decorative headers have been finished and he is pleased with the look. There was discussion about replacing all signage at the waterfront because most of the signs are faded and bent. No action was taken on this. Multiple ways to dispose of the old street signs were considered but no final decision was made.

Enhancement Banquet
We would like to see increased participation in the banquet to ease the work load on those have been shouldering the majority of the burden. The need to move thru the drawing quicker was discussed. It was decided to eliminate side boards because of the confusion they cause and the fact that many times they are not sold. Before the September 2014 we will discuss the possibility of having a DJ for entertainment after the completion of the drawing.

Multiple options were considered for addressing the problem with leaking mailboxes. It would be very costly to replace all of the boxes. One more cost conscious solution would be to group the boxes together forming 4 units and then cover the outside of each unit with a metal shell. We also considered building a shelter over top of all the boxes. Mary Ann Everett made a motion that Terry prepare a written plan for wrapping the boxes with a metal shell to include the proposed cost. This plan can be considered by the board via email in order to expedite completion in the spring if the plan is approved.

ETA: 02/09/2014
The schematics for the roof structure and metal enclosed mailboxes were presented to the board members via email. The cost is not expected to exceed $3000. This was reviewed by all board members and approved unanimously.

Picnic Tables
All of the picnic tables that were in poor repair have been disposed. Folding tables are in storage and can be made available if needed. No tables will be purchased at this time.

Walkway @ boat ramp
Repair of this walkway is a priority and it is thought that it can be done without incurring a great expense. Being near the end of the budget year, this project will have to wait until next year.


Pool Security Lighting
Lighting in the pool area needs to be improved to insure sufficient operation of the surveillance system. A flood light that was on the pool house was removed during the renovation of the roof. There is also a need for lighting in the playground area. Jimmy Broughton has a proposal from Carteret Craven and will further evaluate our options prior to the March meeting.

Curtain Enclosure for picnic shelter
A homeowner had asked the Board consider the purchase of vinyl curtains to enclose the picnic shelter in the winter or in the case of inclement weather during the busy season. A homeowner present for the meeting had done some preliminary work to determine the approximate cost for a full enclosure. The curtain alone for one section between posts would cost in excess of $5000. There would also be a need for extensive retrofitting so the curtains could be snapped into place. Some other options, including the purchase of an “event tent,” were discussed. It was decided that the curtains were cost prohibitive for such limited use and having a tent that requires someone with “know how” to put it up and take it down is not something for which the board wants the association to take responsibility.

General Discussion
The properties in foreclosure and the collection of unpaid dues were discussed. A lien has been placed on one property. There was discussion of a property that has an unlicensed vehicle being used as a waste receptacle and a couple with boats on trailers that have not tags, flat tires and rusted trailers. The poor condition of one home that has been discussed many times with the homeowner will be turned over to the Goose Creek attorney.

Homeowner, Linda Sanders, made the board aware that several homeowners have expressed a desire for additional electrical outlets at the picnic shelter. The board agreed to explore this possibility when the electrical work is done for lighting the pool and playground area.

The domain name for Goose Creek Landing’s website, www.goosecreeklanding.com is currently owned by Earl Bunting. When the annual renewal is due, it will be transferred to the HOA and the fee will be paid by the HOA. It will be updated as soon as possible.

The next meeting of the board will be either March 15 or March 22, 2014 based on the date that Ken Banks is available for a budget meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 am.

Minutes were recorded by Van Parrish and transcribed for submittal by Mary Ann Everett.

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