October 6, 2013

Goose Creek Landing Homeowners Association
Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
October 6, 2013

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Goose Creek Landing Home Owners Association was held on October 6, 2013 Goose Creek Resort meeting room. With all board members present except Mary Ann Everett. She was absent due to obligations with homecoming at her church. One homeowner was in attendance. The meeting was called to order by Billy Keel at 1:00 pm

Enhancement Banquet
It has been estimated that the banquet will result in again about $14,000 with a final number pending.
The pros and cons of continuing to hold the fundraiser on major holiday weekend were discussed. The need to get more people involved and how to do this was discussed. Every year we have the same people working very hard and we would like to see more members of the community involved. It was decided to seek input from the Enhancement committee on this matter. There was some discussion as to whether there is another way to procure the needed funds instead of the fundraiser.

Enhancement Committee
A sidewalk is needed from the pool to the picnic shelter. Terry will coordinate the concrete work when the improvements to the pool house are done this fall and before the pools open in 2014. An area near the boat ramp that will allow two vehicles to pull forward will be fixed. The plan is to use enhancement funds to pay for concrete. Also the pot hole at the golf cart entrance near the boat ramp will be fixed at the same time.

The purchase of new tables for use at the pool at a cost of $2700.00 was approved. These will be standard height tables with four chairs each. They will be all composite with stainless steel hardware. They are similar to the pub height tables already at the pool. They will be picked up at the Swansboro Mullet Festival by Billy Keel and Jim Godfrey.

Park Signage
Billy has been asked a number of questions by homeowners and needed clarification so he could respond. Terry reviewed the status and provided information so the questions could be addressed. The post will be galvanized and is a 30 year product. The post will be 4X4 and painted with Enron Paint and installed in the ground with flat block and concrete. The post will be painted below the ground as well. Powder coating the post was considered but declined due to the risk of the product failing. Terry is coordinating the work and volunteers. Any expense for labor will be approved by the board. The signs with the street names should be provided by the Carteret County. Terry will verify this since the individuals he has spoken to were not clear. If we pay for these signs, the estimated cost will be around $500.00.


The ongoing problem with the poor condition of the mailboxes was discussed. The options of replacing the mailbox units or building a shelter over the existing boxes were discussed. Janie said the main reason the mail is wet is because loading the mail in the postal worker lays the mail on top of the boxes while it is raining. Jimmy is going to look into the cost of building a shelter. The general consensus was that the mail boxes could not be repaired and would eventually need to be replaced. If we replace the boxes it was suggested that we find out if we need all of the boxes since only a few are used by permanent residents.

Picnic tables
Jim Godfrey will be looking into repair or replacing the wooden picnic tables. Some near shelter have already been disposed of by Jimmy Broughton. The remaining ones will be accessed. If they are not safe they will be disposed.

Walkway @ boat ramp
The middle walkway at boat ramp needs to be repaired. Terry had some ideas that he and others had discussed. The idea is to basically repair it similar to the campground sea wall in the boat ramp area. Terry will give more details in the next BD meeting.

General Discussion
The budget was reviewed as a measure to assure that we are spending conservatively and in line with budget.

Loud Music in Golf Carts and within some residences is too loud. The bottom line is that all homeowners are responsible for what goes in their home and on their golf carts, much like cleaning up behind their pets.
The status of properties that need to be cleaned up was discussed. Billy and Janie are working directly with these individuals.
The properties in foreclosure and the collection of unpaid dues were discussed. Liens are will be placed as appropriate.

The next meeting of the board was not scheduled.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15pm.

Minutes were recorded by Van Parrish and transcribed for submittal by Mary Ann Everett.

Respectfully submitted,

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Mary Ann Everett Date of Approval