March 18, 2012

Goose Creek Homeowner’s Association Meeting

March 18, 2012

Call to order: Earl Bunting- Guidelines Board of Directors meeting and Budget meeting

Announcement that the Annual Mtg. will be June 2, 2012

Waterfront enhancement:

1. 27 loads of dirt delivered (no charge to anyone)
2. Fish cleaning station completely re-plumbed

Waiting on a major permit from CAMMA

To continue with the end of the pier, and we will have more discussion about this at a later time. Work
on the pier is being done in phases to prepare for completion of the end.

Requests have been made for the pool to open early; all we buy now is salt and a little acid. Jimmy
Broughton added information about the new motors, new pumps because of lightning damage. (There
was no charge for the labor) Enhancement group put up the fence behind the pool.

Sunday service: Shelter can be set aside, but if reserved we will seek an alternative area at the
waterfront. Discussion of charges and costs in court cases; Mary Bryan discussed the dismissal of the

Nominations for the board are open for Billy keel, Jimmy Broughton and Jim Godfrey Due by May 9 th for
mailed ballot.

Enhancement: wants you to continue thinking of things we need

Palm Trees: No tree has been purchased by the board

Motion to adjourn meeting by Earl, James Taylor 2nd.

Meeting was adjourned.

Budget Meeting

Inform Janie of updating. Information for directory- distribution by email

Need list of announcements to go out with letter of dues.

Discussion of budget: Handout of last year’s budget provided by Ken Banks

Water increases biggest problem with budget-need to look for ways for homeowners to conserve water.
Much discussion about this, looking for ways to save and cut cost.

Discussed $7900.00 out of surplus money to cover our part of the seawall.

Motion to increase dues to $1200.00 a year. Timmy Rhodes seconds the motion. Discussion and vote

Motion to dismiss by T. Rhodes, M. Carlyle 2nd