July 10, 2011

The Goose Creek Homeowners Association (GCHA) Board of Directors met on Sunday
July 10th at 1:00 PM

The Goose Creek Homeowners Association (GCHA) Board of Directors met on Sunday

July 10th at 1:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by Earl Bunting, president with

Bill Keel

James Godfrey

Jimmy Broughton

Timmy Rhodes

James Taylor

and Janie Bushkar in attendance.

Mary Bryan Carlyle joined the meeting at 1:15

This special meeting was called primarily to deal with an issue of a Homeowner who

was severely delinquent in HOA dues. The homeowner had been advised of action to be

taken and was requested to meet with the BOD. This process was based on our attorney’s

council. Prior to the meeting the homeowner settled all current debts owed the HOA.

The next Item discussed was a request by a homeowner to add an additional shelter to his

shed. The BOD reviewed the drawing and determined that the addition would not meet

the standards set by the HOA Rules and Regulations. The Managing Agent is to respond

back to the homeowner.

A Homeowner submitted a letter to the BOD requesting permission to replace his single

wide mobile home with a double wide. The letter was accompanied by drawings and

a letter from the County. Much discussion was had on this matter. The letter from the

County approved the Double wide using the existing Type IIa conventional septic

system. A motion was made by Jimmy Broughton and seconded by James Taylor : To

allow the double wide to be placed on corner lot by Danny Casey if it meets all County

ordnances and setback requirements. GCL will not assume any responsibly to any

changes to the septic system. Also Mr. Casey must provide the GCL BOD’s a detailed

drawing showing all setbacks and septic tank in relationship to the new double wide.

Passed all in favor.

A discussion was led by Jimmy Broughton and Timmy Rhodes regarding changing the

pool to a salt based systems. Benefits were described including initial cost and ongoing

cost. It was agreed to move forward with the recommendation.

There was a discussion regarding the Fundraising banquet and reverse drawing to be held

Labor Day weekend. Brochures and tickets have been printed and are being distributed.

The BOD is in support of this effort based on the benefits and improvements to the

community derived from last years fund raiser.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding Rules, regulations, Bylaws and the Joint

Tenancy Agreement (JTA). The discussion was a result of an email from our Attorney

regarding GCL HOA voting. Below is a content of our lawyer Neil Whitford’s email:


Yes, you need 126 votes to adopt an amendment to the bylaws. The elimination of cumulative

voting passed. I will prepare the document to file in this regard. (The other proposal did not


In terms of a minority of members overturning what a previous majority has supported, I expect

this occurs because either the board is allowing the members to vote at a board meeting

– when the members have no right to vote – or absentee votes are being counted before a

members’ meeting and seemly favor one proposal, but then at an actual members’ meeting,

enough folks in opposition show up to vote the proposal down. Perhaps the answer is this. (1)

Don’t count the absentee ballots until the members’ meeting, and (2) don’t allow the members

to vote except at either an annual members meeting or a special meeting where the notice of the

meeting specifies what is to be voted on by the members. Both 1 and 2 are straight non-profit

corporate law.

I am neutral on updating the by-laws. We can draw up a better set, but our crystal ball is not

good enough to predict everything that can happen, and as a result, updated by-laws, while

better, will not be perfect.

I wish we could update the Joint Tenancy Agreement, but I don’t know if you could get enough

votes to pass the update. My proposal would track condominium law – which would give the

board more authority to enforce rules. I don’t know if you could get a majority vote on this.


With no further business to conduct the meeting was adjourned at 2:15pm.